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Norms and standards used in the manufacture of road signs

In Ukraine, the norms and standards for the manufacture of road signs are regulated by state regulations. Below are the main norms and standards that are used in the production of road signs in Ukraine:

  • GOST 12.4.026-76 "Road signs. General technical requirements" - this standard defines the general requirements for road signs, including their design, materials, dimensions, colors, application methods and other technical parameters.
  • GOST 12.4.027-76 "Road signs. Types and main sizes" - this standard establishes the types and main sizes of road signs, including triangles, circles, rectangles and other shapes.
  • DSTU 4159:2003 "Road Signs. General Vimogi" is a national Ukrainian standard that defines general requirements for road signs, including their shape, dimensions, colors, types of materials and technical characteristics.
  • DSTU 4012:2001 "Transport. Road signs. Wimogi to backgrounds, colors, albums" - this standard defines the requirements for backgrounds, colors and albums used in the manufacture of road signs in order to ensure good visibility and distinguishability of signs for drivers.
  • DSTU 4275:2003 "Transport. Road signs. Materials for the production of road signs" - this standard defines the requirements for materials used in the manufacture of road signs, including types of materials, their physical and chemical properties.

In addition to these standards, there are also regulations and guidelines issued by the relevant authorities and institutions of Ukraine that regulate the placement and use of road signs on the roads.

Важно отметить, что стандарты и нормы могут изменяться и обновляться со временем, поэтому мы регулярно обращаемся к актуальным и официальным документам, выданным компетентными органами, для получения точной и свежей информации о требованиях к изготовлению дорожных знаков в Украине.

The history of road signs

The first mention of road signs dates back to Ancient Rome, where stone pillars with carved directions and city names were used. They helped travelers navigate and choose the right path. However, such signs did not provide information about traffic rules or dangers.

In the Middle Ages, signs and guide plates for travelers appeared in Europe, indicating the distance to cities and main places. However, they also did not have a systematized system of signs and were not associated with certain traffic rules.

The first road signs similar to modern ones appeared in the second half of the 19th century in Great Britain. In 1868, the first enameled metal signs were erected in Liverpool to regulate traffic. These signs warned of dangers, indicated traffic rules and speed limits.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the development of the automotive industry and the increase in the number of cars led to the need to improve the system of road signs. In 1909, the United States developed the first system of road signs, consisting of triangles, circles and rectangles of various colors. This system became the basis for subsequent developments and was implemented in many countries.

In 1949, the International Commission on Road Traffic (ICDD) was established, which standardized the system of road signs and developed uniform rules for their use. This was an important step towards ensuring safety and consistency on the roads between different countries.

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